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CULTURAL RIGHTS: Caribbean integration: can cultural production succeed where politics and economics have failed? (Confessions of a Wayward Economist), Norman Girvan

“The bedrock of integration must be a sense, not so much of common identity—because we do not have identical identities--but what could be called a ‘community of identities’; identities fashioned in response to a very special historical experience; an experience that we all share in one way or another.”

Norman Girvan: Caribbean Political Economy
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Presentation at a Colloquium on ‘The Caribbean That Unites Us’ in Santiago de Cuba, 5 July 2012. Revised version of St Martin Book Fair Presentation by the same name.

"One of the beautiful things about events like this Festival del Caribe is the continual discovery that the things that unite us, as Caribbean people, are far more powerful than those that divide us. The barriers of language and political status virtually evaporate in the heat of music, dance and shared rituals…"


Source: Norman Girvan: Caribbean Political Economy:

Photo: Haiti and Trans-Caribbean Literary Identity, Emilio Jorge Rodríguez


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