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GENDER EQUALITY: At CLADE V, women denounce gender inequality and urge the forming of communities of equals

Women participating in the Fifth Latin American Evangelization Congress (CLADE V), held last week in San Josť, Costa Rica, made public a statement reflecting the diversity of voices and realities, and in which they denounce the complicity of the faith communities in situations of gender inequality within the area of theology, and urge the forming of communities of equals.

San Josť, Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The statement says:  

“Summoned by the Spirit, we, multiple and diverse VOICES of women at CLADE V, making visible indigenous, black, displaced women, representing sexual diversity, different generations and cultures of the past and present, and all the other impoverished and vulnerable women, identify ourselves with the Galilean women who followed Jesus from the beginning and to Jerusalem as witnesses of his crucifixion, like Mary of  Magdala, the ‘Apostle of the apostles,’ who announced that this friend has not died but rather has been resurrected, say:

That the kingdom has been and has become visible through actions of justice, resistance, tenderness, courage for Life, actions which have all been fostered, given gestation, and birthed  by women throughout history. However, on this journey of life we denounce: the complicity of our churches in justifying and promoting a patriarchal order that engenders exclusion and violence, marginalizes the mission and theological production of women, and which maintains a dominant language that clouds the Image of God and inhibits the subjects, both men and women, from being principal actors.   

We celebrate the voices heard at CLADE V and in that same Spirit, urge the forming of Communities of Equals, where equality, justice, celebration, liberty and co-responsibility flourish transforming the lives of the excluded and oppressed.”

Photo: Women at CLADE V 


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