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First Woman Elected as Moderator of the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (IENP)

In the renewal of the leadership of the IENP’s Executive Committee, Presbyter Esther Polo de Sánchez was elected as Moderator, the first woman to hold that position.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

By Azucena Rosal for ALC. 

Esther Polo de Sánchez has a broad experience both at the level of the national church and her local congregation, the First Presbyterian Church of Antigua, Guatemala, founded in October, 2012.  

The Plenary Assembly of the IENP held from February 23-24, has brought winds of hope and justice in the search to be a community faithful to the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.   

Accompanying Esther Polo de Sánchez on the IENP Executive Committee are the Governing Presbyters Consuelo de Molina of The Messiah Church, Ruth Ixcot of the Eben-Ezer Church and current Moderator of the Central Feminine Presbyters Union, and Bessie Orozco of the Central Church.

Congratulations to the whole Executive Committee, and especially to the women who from their new ministries will be useful for the building of Christ's body. 

The installation of the new Executive Committee was presided over by Presbyter Baudilio Recinos.  

The IENP Plenary Assembly also set the date for the ordination and installation of Azucena Rosal as Minister of the Word and Sacraments. Rosal has served as a Licensed Preacher in the Peniel Church, the first woman to be ordained to this ministry in the history of the Central Presbytery.

The church grows as a manifestation of God’s good will when all those who God in his great love has called are taken into account.

Photo: Executive Committee of the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala, with Moderator Esther Polo de Sánchez, sixth from left.

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