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Bible Society of Brazil (SBB) Reaches New High in Distribution of the Bible

The SBB reached a new record in the distribution of the Holy Scriptures in 2012, with 7.38 million copies, an increase of 9% when compared to the previous year.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When adding together selections and portions of the Bible, New Testaments, and complete Bibles, the number of copies distributed in 2012 was 244.71 million, of which 26.27 million were distributed with no charge to students, the sick, those imprisoned, and those with hearing or visual limitations.    

The printing of all these biblical texts is done at the SBB press installations in Barueri, São Paulo, where a Bible is printed every three seconds. The SBB exports the printed texts to more than 100 countries, in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Ioruba, spoken in African countries.

Each month the SBB press installations use 800 reels of paper, the equivalent of 24.000 kilometers. The paper used in one year would circle the Earth 7.2 times.

Founded in 1948, the SBB is a part of the United Bible Societies, a world alliance that arose two years earlier for the purpose of facilitating the processes of translation, production, and distribution of the Holy Scriptures. The United Bible Societies gathers together 147 related organizations in over 200 countries and territories.

Photo: Bible Society of Brazil, Logo (SBB) 

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