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GENDER VIOLENCE: New law protecting women enters into effect in Nicaragua

Two cases of aggression will be brought to trial under new law 779, that now protects Nicaraguan women, and NGOs are offering training courses, based on the legislation, for assisting women who have suffered physical and psychological violence.

Managua, Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From a news story by Trinidad Vásquez for ALC.

Fábio Artola Rodríguez, of Puerto de San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast, is the first offender to be taken to court under the new law. He threatened to kill his companion, Catalina Alvarado. The second is Marvin Fonseca, who mutilated the right arm of his wife, Nubia Azucena Rodríguez, in Managua. He could be sentenced to two years of prison if found guilty.

Pastors and priests were invited by the office of the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights to attend the training courses, so that they can understand the reach of the new law. 

Special Attorney for Citizens Participation, Sixto Ulloa, lamented that women remain silent about aggressions that they have suffered, because in many churches the pastors continually present a literal interpretation of the biblical passage that says that wives should subject themselves to their husbands. According to police statistics, 33,500 cases of violence against women were reported in Nicaragua last year.  

Pastor Raúl Dávila, who took part in the training course in the Inter-Church Center for Theological and Social Studies in Managua, pointed out that Nicaraguan society is machista. But, he added, there are also cases in which wives mistreat their husbands. Those cases are seldom reported because of the shame on the part of the offended.

Photo: Dr. Alba Luz Ramos, President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Nicaragua ( 


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