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CHURCH and PUBLIC INCIDENCE: Conclusions of the Consultation on “Church and Public Incidence in Latin America" at the Fifth Latin American Evangelization Congress (CLADE V)

The consultation took place in mid-July in San José, Costa Rica.

San José, Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The conclusions are as follow: 

“1. We are called to deepen a biblical-theological reflection on the relation between the churches and public incidence. We recognize that very clear theological and biblical principles exist concerning social involvement and incidence in the public sphere, based on those community experiences of faith that transform people, communities and public agendas. In this sense, we recognize that there is a great void in the discourse and public political practice of the churches in relation to these issues, as well as a lack of their being included on the curriculums of the seminaries and theological institutions.   

2. In Jesus we find a clear example, call and inspiration to become a people based on the inclusion of diverse experiences, with the objective of creating new imagined possibilities and experiences from the margins of the instituted spaces of socio-political power. This call is related to the building of spheres of power and incidence by the faith communities themselves, for the affirming of justice, inclusion and human dignity.   

3. We see that the history of the Evangelical church in the continent shows us that there is an ever increasing process of visibility and significant presence having to do with the socio-political involvement of the religious communities. However, we believe that it is necessary to articulate new discourses and processes of social incidence, in conjunction with other social sectors and political actors, including those outside of the religious ambit. 

4. We are all challenged to make visible and express the variety of experiences and initiatives of public incidence present in the local churches and base organizations throughout our continent. Beginning with the participants at the consultation, we assume the commitment of building initiatives that facilitate and articulate these processes."

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