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ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Brazilian Ecumenical Service Coordinator (CESE) preparing Spring for Life Campaign

"Environmental Justice in The Perspective of Rights” will be the theme of the 2012 Spring for Life Campaign being organized by the Ecumenical Service Coordinator (CESE), a diaconal organization based in Salvador, Bahía.

Salvador, Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The campaign will begin on September 23, the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, and will extend until the beginning of the summer.   

The campaign will foster opportunities for reflections on the actions of the churches and civil society organizations to meet the challenges of the sustainability of the common home, the planet Earth, a divine creation whose administration is in the hands of its inhabitants.   

Spring for Life was created by CESE - - in 2001, when the Brazilian organization implemented the “You Make the Difference” fair trade campaign carried out in Great Britain by the Christian Aid ecumenical agency. 

It was a learning experience that motivated CESE to begin its own campaign. This way, in 2002 Spring for Life motivated reflection on the need to “Sow Solidarity and Peace." In 2003, the campaign focused on one of the greatest needs affecting Brazil and called for “Bread and Peace."    

In 2004, Spring for Life sought to encourage Brazilian youth to take part in the building of a just, democratic and inclusive society, with the theme “Youth and Peace." The 2005 campaign, exhorted the society to dream of “Cities of Peace," a theme continued in 2006 but with a different appeal: "Women and Men Building Cities of Peace," The theme chosen for 2007 was: "Rights and Justice for Peace."  

In 2008, CESE linked these themes with another campaign it had begun, namely, “An Action for Children.” The 2009 campaign centered on “Rights and Justice,” and in 2010, following a national launching in the Anglican Trinada Parish Church in São Paulo, the campaign faced the challenges brought by climate change, beginning with “Environmental Justice,” a theme also continued in 2011.  

Photo: CESE 2012 Spring for Life Campaign


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