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CHURCH and RIGHTS of MIGRANTS and REFUGEES: Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) and the Ecumenical Service of Support and Orientation for Migrants and Refugees (CAREF) in Argentina celebrate first decade of Legal Clinic for migrants

The celebration held on August 13 in the CAREF offices in Buenos Aires, recalled the progressive increase in the number of persons seeking attention at the University of Buenos Aires, UBA-CELS Legal Clinic, as immigrants or refugees.

Buenos Aires, Monday, August 13, 2012

For a large number of these persons, irregularities in their residency status made it difficult for them to have access to various other free legal advice services.

These circumstances led CELS and CAREF to begin a clinic in 2002 specializing in providing attention to persons with an irregular residency status. An agreement was initially signed between CELS and CAREF, and then with the Faculty of Law of the UBA. The agreements are for one year periods and are part of the UBA curriculum. The Legal Clinic is housed in the CAREF building. 

The clinic handles approximately 50 administrative cases and five to 10 court cases each year. Presentations are also made before human rights tribunals and international organizations, and actions of incidence are carried out before legislative and executive bodies of the National Congress, the National Migration Office, and the Regulating Commission of the South Common Market (MERCOSUR).  

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Legal Clinic, the first of three monthly academic gatherings took place.  

This gathering reconstructed the historical process of the CELS-CAREF-UBA Legal Clinic; its beginnings, objectives, the work carried out, a diagnosis of the situation of the migrants and possible contributions to their attention. Special guest at the gathering was Barbara Hines, Director of the Immigrants and Refugees Clinic of the University of Austin, Texas. 

Member churches of CAREF are: the Evangelical Church of Río de la Plata (IERP), the Argentinean Evangelical Methodist Church (IEMA), the Anglican Diocese of Argentina, and the Disciples of Christ Evangelical Church 

Photo: Seeking assistance at CAREF (CAREF)


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