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Who we are

The ALC news agency was constituted in Quito, Ecuador in May, 1994 and began its news service activities in March, 1995. The active associated and supporting organizations are:
  • The Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI)
  • The Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America and the Caribbean (CIEMAL)
  • The Alliance of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches of Latin America (AIPRAL)
  • The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC-Latin America Region)
  • The Regional Ecumenical Center for Consultancy and Services (CREAS) and
  • Forum of Lutheran Communicators (FLC)


  • President:          Marcela Gabioud, MSc. (WACC-AL)
  • Vice-President: Rev. Nilton Giese (CLAI)
  • Secretary:         Rev. Daniel Favaro (CREAS)
  • Treasurer:         Rev. Rony Ricardo Marquardt (FLC)
  • Member:            Rev. Hideide Brito Torres (CIEMAL) 
  • Member:            Rev. Darío Barolín (AIPRAL)

    • To offer information and analysis to religious and secular news media about the social-ecclesial reality, development and human rights in Latin America and other regions of the world.
    • Provide the ecclesiastical and Christian ministries leadership with information for the better accomplishment of their pastoral work, as well as the strengthening of their influence and impact on society.
    • Be a space for dialogue on social-ecclesial themes and the exchanging of experiences.


    • ALC is positioned in the socio-ecclesial information market. It is a leading news agency in the field of information and socio-religious analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean, and is an information channel serving the networks of interchange and cooperation existent between different churches and specialized Christian ministries.


    • The basic principle is faithfulness to the values of the Kingdom of God. Within this perspective, the agency affirms its commitment to the truth, the protection of life, the validity of human rights and the prevalence of justice.
    • It seeks to affirm democratic values, gender equality, the overcoming of violence and the respect of differences. It seeks to contribute to making information democratic and defends the right of the citizens to reliable information.


    • ALC is a space for information and communications of the churches, specialized ministries, cooperation agencies and the public in general.
    • Through its web site, it offers information and documentation about the presence and incidence of the churches in Latin America and the Caribbean, and other regions of the world.
    • It publishes some five news stories daily (news, articles, interviews) in Spanish, Portuguese and English.  It also distributes these news stories daily free of charge by e-mail to its subscribers, keeping in mind the preferences each subscriber indicated in their subscription request, having to do with the countries where the news stories originate, religious affiliation and themes of interest.
    • The agency understands communication as being a participatory interchange. As a result of that concept, it publishes other sites on the web in "Also visit" and maintains the "Reader's opinion" and "Agenda" blocks.
    • In "Reader's opinion," additional comments and reflections elaborating on the published news stories, articles and interviews, and the themes mentioned are appreciated. In "Agenda," there is a special interest in the events having to do with the ecumenical organizations and the churches associated with the organizations that support the agency.


    • Access to the web-site is free in all three languages. Also free of charge is the e-mail service, both to institutional as well as personal subscriptions. The only requirement is the filling in of the subscription request form, indicating the information asked for as well as the preferences with regard to the agency's news information wished to be received.
    • The agency is directed toward leaders of ecumenical organizations, lay leaders and the ministers and ministerial candidates of all the churches, the communications departments of the churches and communities, the religious leaders acting in the civil society and the various actors of the civil society.


    • The agency has an operational structure with editors for each of the three languages and awide network of correspondents in nearly all of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
    • Other appreciated sources are the ecumenical organizations and the churches themselves who send their news contributions.


    Management of news, information, opinion or commentary.

    1. ALC will determine its recipients in accordance with its strategic planning, giving priority to   churches, ecumenical organisms, and civil society organizations. Likewise, it will distribute material to the secular and religious press.

    2. In the same manner priority as recipients will be given to the churches, organizations and leaders committed to the purposes of ALC.

    3. Priority will be given to the quality of the information, even at the risk of losing the immediate publishing of news. ALC understands quality of information as having to do with its pertinence, depth, contextualization, preciseness and proper use of language. 

    4.  For ALC a purpose of special importance is that the material published inform and prompt reflection in such a way that it be useful for specialized ministries and the motivating of interaction between church and society. In this sense, what is being aimed at, by means of different articulated actions, is the strengthening of the visibility and capability of public incidence of the churches and organizations.

    5. ALC reserves the right to not publish material that affects its editorial policy, its ethical framework, and the principles of communication to which it adherers.

    6. In the event of errors, these will be corrected as quickly as possible. The correction will be the responsibility of the editor, or of the Director of ALC, depending upon the institutional repercussion.

    Management of sources.

    1. ALC will make known the source of the information, which will be made explicit in the different versions distributed, except in the case that the source requests not to be identified.

    2. ALC will publish information that has been duly verified.

    3. ALC will publish opinions only if the author is duly identified.

    4. Previous publication in another media of information of interest to the ALC recipient public does not constitute an impediment for its circulation by ALC.

    5. In the event that there be various non-conflicting sources of information on an event or theme, ALC will give preference to that provided by its own correspondents.

    6. If a person interviewed requests a written copy of the interview before it is published, ALC will provide that material. The person interviewed will have the right to correct expressions. In the event that the person interviewed changes the sense of what was said, ALC reserves the right to not publish the interview.

    Management in the event of conflicts.

    1. ALC will seek balanced information in the event of there being parties in conflict, and will guarantee that all parties involved be able to express themselves.

    2. ALC will give priority to informing on the matter over which a conflict has arisen, before informing of the situations that come about as a result of the matter of conflict.

    Images and photographic material.

    1. ALC will not make use of images that identify victims of violence, discrimination or abuse.

    2. ALC will make clearly visible the source and date registered. If that not be possible, the material will be identified as an image or by registered date of distribution, or by filename.




    Director:Enrique R. Zerbin
    Luis María Campos 152 piso 4, depto. A
    1425 Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Tel. (+54) 11 4772 3123
    Portuguese editor:Edelberto Behs
    Rua Ernesto Silva, 83/301
    93042-740 - São Leopoldo - RS - Brasil
    Telefone: (+55) 51 3592 0416
    Spanish editor:Claudia Florentin
    Combatientes de Malvinas 1230 
    2190 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina
    English editor:
    Geoffrey Reeson
    Casilla 17-16-95 - Quito - Ecuador
    Tel. (+593) 2244 6189













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    Agencia Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Comunicación (ALC)
    Análisis e información de la realidad socio-eclesial, desarrollo y derechos humanos en America Latina y otras regiones del mundo
    Edición en español: Combatientes de Malvinas 1230, 3190 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina