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From:    Jan Dragin  jdragin@gis.net
To:        englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
Date:     21 Nov 2012, 09:34:40 AM
Subject: Re: ALC Resumes Full Service
I'm so glad to see ALC News in my inbox again! ALC and you are providing such an important channel of information from the region.
Best wishes,
Jan Dragin
For Church World Service


From:     Lesley Crosson  lcrosson@churchworldservice.org
To:         englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
Date:      20 Nov 2012, 05: 12: 15 PM
Subject:  Re: ALC Resumes Full Service
              Congratulations...we missed you!

From:     Sigrid Rosiak  srosiak@andenstimme.org
To:         englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
Date:      20 Nov2012, 05: 55: 31 PM
Subject:  AW: ALC Resumes Full Service
              Hi, Geoffrey,
              Thank you very much for the news. I really missed this source of information.
              Saludos cordials.


From:  englisheditor@alcnoticias.net


To:      ENI@eni.ch
Cc:      director@alcnoticias.net
Date:    01 Oct 2012
Subject: Re: ENInews suspends service, seeks funding


Dear Solange,
Indeed, this is unfortunate news, yet we at ALC trust that ENInews' 
emergency funding efforts will be successful.
I want to thank you personally for your support and timely observations 
to help us improve ALC's English service. Please do know that they are 
greatly appreciated.
If and when you have a moment, do keep me posted on new developments for 
your own future.
¡Un gran abrazo!
From:    ENI ENI ENI@eni.ch
To:      director@alcnoticias.net, englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
Date.    01 Oct 2012
Subject: ENInews suspends service, seeks funding
Dear Enrique and Geoffrey,
I have to pass along some unfortunate news. The text below was sent to 
ENI subscribers today. I have enjoyed working with ALC and its content 
greatly enhanced ENI's coverage of Latin America.
Let's hope for better news in the future.
Solange De Santis 


DCNY Messenger <dcny.messenger@gmail.com>
director@alcnoticias.net, englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
29 May 2012, 11:53:55 AM
Re: Request Permission

Dear Andrew,

Greetings from the English service of the Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency - ALC.

Please do feel free to use ALC articles that may be of interest to your newsletter and thank you for including the author's name and a link to the ALC website.


Geoffrey Reeson
English Editor
Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency - ALC - www.alcnoticias.net

Request Permission writes:

I would like to include a recent article that appeared on your website about The Rt. Rev. Martin Barahona receiving the Honorary Doctorate at GTS in our diocesan newsletter, called The Messenger. This e-newsletter goes out to over 750 people connected with the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. I will include the author's name and a pointer to your website, if you allow me to publish the article.

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew Pierce
Editor of The Messenger










Hey, English editor, whoever you are! congratulations on all your recent work, this new level of service is unrecognisable from before, well done indeed, much appreciated!
Sean Hawkey
Communications Officer
ACT Alliance Secretariat 
150 Route de Ferney
P.O. Box 2100
1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland


From: Pat and Bill Nottingham <nottingham50@q.com>
To: englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
Subject: Re: Evangelicals take part in symbolic act in memory of the victims of the political violence in Peru
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:05:35 -0600

Where are they on human rights for political prisoners?  Bill Nottingham, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA nottingham50@q.com


From: englisheditor@alcnoticias.net [englisheditor@alcnoticias.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 11:59 PM
To: John Utz: jutz@div.duke.edu

Subject: Article located 

Dr. Utz, 
My Spanish editor colleague has given me the link below which carries the
ALC article you are looking for: 



From:    "Pat and Bill Nottingham"  <nottingham50@q.com>
To:        devin.beaulieu@gmail.com
Cc:        englisheditor@alcnoticias.net
Date:     01 Sep 2009, 12:34:27 AM
Subject: Important article

Dear Devin Beaulieu:  ¡Saludos!  I hope your article WHAT IS BEHIND THE BOLIVIA-ISLAM CONNECTION? [http://www.alcnoticias.net/interior.php?lang=688&codigo=14827] gets wide circulation in the US and Canada.  Dr. William J. Nottingham, Highlands Ranch, Colorado] gets wide circulation in the US and Canada.  Dr. William J. Nottingham, Highlands Ranch, Colorado


July 17, 2009

Thanks for picking this one up! Just had a chat with new website designers and hopefully we'll have an RSS feed by October which will make it easier for everyone....
Have a great weekend
Victoria Finlay
Communications Director
Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC)
Kelston Park, Bath BA1 9AE +44 1225 758004
www.arcworld.org  victoriaf@arcworld.org

Helping 11 faiths make generational changes to protect the planet
Join ARC on Twitter http://twitter.com/ARCworld

-----Original Message-----
From: Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC) http://www.alcnoticias.net/interior.php?lang=688  englisheditor@alcnoticias.net

Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 4:45 AM
To: Victoria Finlay
Subject: New Sins, New Virtues - The Economist analyses the Religions Approach to Climate Change


May 4, 2009

Thanks, but may I point out that there is a minor mistake in this news: the ACT is no longer called ACT International but ACT Alliance.
Best wishes
Rev Eberhard Hitzler, Director Dept. for World Service, The Lutheran World Federation
P.O. Box 2100 CH - 1211 Geneva 2
direct line  +41 22 791 6436
fax             +41 22 791 6629
mobile        +41 79 203 60 69
e-mail        ehi@lutheranworld.org
skype         eberhardjhitzler
World Service is the humanitarian and development arm of the LWF

ACT International to unify with development network, pending similar ACT Development decision in Buenos Aires


April 17, 2009

We are adding this as a link to the WCC youth web page.
Natalie Maxson, Programme Executive Youth (Young Adults)
World Council of Churches, Geneva
Tel: +41 22 791 6030
Fax: +41 22 791 6406
e-mail: nma@wcc-coe.org
WEB: http://www.ecumenicalyouth.org

Federation of Christian Student Movements (FUMEC) Latin America is now on the web


March 26, 2009

I wanted to say how much I enjoy the news service from Latin America... skimming through each morning I find requests to bring Luther back to the Catholic Church, and information about water and faith which my colleague is already using to further inspire a conference she is running in July on Water and Faith in the UK.

So this is first a thank you... but also I thought I might add you to our occasional newsletter list... we work internationally with religions and environment, and some stories might be of interest to you.

I have a colleague, Mary Colwell, who is working with Jesuits in the Amazon area on incorporating concerns about the natural environment to their work...


and I thought it might be an interesting synergy if we could keep you in the loop as well as the other way round!

With best wishes,

Victoria Finlay
Communications Director, Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC)
www.arcworld.org victoriaf@arcworld.org +44 1225 758004

Working with 11 religions to make generational changes to help the planet.
Join ARC on Twitter: http://www.arcworld.org/news.asp?pageID=303


March 12, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for featuring our Seven Weeks for Water, I very much appreciate it! Thanks also for forwarding this article about Monsignor Infante's initiative which is very interesting for us.

Warm regards,

Ms. Maike Gorsboth
World Council of Churches
Secretariat of the Ecumenical Water Network (EWN)
Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 791 6205
Fax: +41 22 791 6122

The Ecumenical Water Network is a network of churches and church-related organizations that promotes the preservation, responsible management and equitable distribution of water for all, based on the understanding that water is a gift of God and a fundamental human right. The Secretariat of the Ecumenical Water Network is located at the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

Agencia Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Comunicación (ALC)
Análisis e información de la realidad socio-eclesial, desarrollo y derechos humanos en America Latina y otras regiones del mundo
Edición en español: Combatientes de Malvinas 1230, 3190 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina
Email: editora@alcnoticias.net